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Closing today and limited to the first 200 RSVPs, this is an invitation to a Special Product launch in Lagos by Google next week.
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We have an exciting announcement to make and we'd like you to be there.
Google invites you to an afternoon of demo's, fun food and innovative conversation.

When: 18 August 2015
 3:00pm – 7:00pm

Somewhere in Lekki Peninsula. Details will be sent to invited guests
Please RSVP here no later than 10 August 2015

We look forward to your company


The Google Nigeria Team

Strictly by invitation only and limited to the first 200 RSVP's!


“GIT with the Programme”: This Saturday

This Saturday at the Co-Creation Hub, the Lagos GitHub Meetup  & Google Developer Group, Lagos will be hosting hands-on sessions on GIT for Beginners and Advanced Users.

This will be a hands-on event. You need to bring a laptop along to participate. 
There will be two separate tracks. The two tracks will be running simultaneously in two different rooms so there is something for every developer – whether you have been using GIT for version control  for years or if you have just started or if you have not yet started.
Beginners Track
– Introduction to version control, why it is necessary.
– Types of version control systems (centralized vs distributed)
– Installing git.
     – smartgit.
– Initializing repositories (git init)
– Basic commands:
     'git clone'
     'git add'
     'git status'
     'git log'
     'git commit'
– Branching (git branch) and why it is necessary.
Intermediate / Advanced users: 
– Traversing the repository using 'git log' options
– Understanding git objects – commits, trees and blobs.
– Basic usage of 'git cherry-pick'
– Git rebase (introducing interactive rebases)
– Git stash
– Git on the server (BitBucket, GitHub and private servers)
Date: Saturday August 1.
Time: 11am – 2pm
Venue: Co-Creation Hub, Sabo, Yaba.
Please remember that this will be a hands-on event. You need to bring a laptop along to participate. 

#APISaturday Speaker: Celestine Omin

#APISaturday is a series of monthly events organized by GDG Lagos with a special focus on APIs – best practices and ideas on how to build them & connect with them and make the best use of them.

Meet our first speaker at this weekend’s #APISaturday: Celestine Omin

Celestine (@cyberomin) is a Software Engineer at Konga, an $80m VC backed  eCommerce company. 

In this role, he has worked on major products including leading the development of Konga’s online community (, an online community forum for Konga’s merchants and customers. This project has gone on to save the company over $400,000 in annual licensing fee for a SaaS-based forum solution.
He also served as the lead engineer for SellerHQ ( and online marketplace platform for Konga’s over 12,000 stores.

Event Date: July 11th
Time: 12pm
Venue: Co-Creation Hub

Celestine is also the lead maintainer and developer of NSEFinance (, an experimental API for the Nigerian Stock Exchange. He is also the convener of The Lagos GitHub meetup ( 
Celestine was the founding manager of the Calabar Google Developer Group.
Prior to Konga, Celestine worked at a law firm where he lead the development of an electronic law management system.
He is a University of Calabar graduate, he enjoys the game of table tennis and @cyberomin on Twitter.
His focus at this #APISaturday is showing us how to build APIs in a way that makes it usable, useful and simple.

Event: July API Saturday: API Workshop & GCM 3.0 in Action

Event Date: July 11th
Time: 12pm
Venue: Co-Creation Hub
Registration: Saturday is a series of monthly events organized by GDG Lagos with a special focus on APIs – best practices and ideas on how to build them & connect with them and make the best use of them.
So we have had two API Saturday events to set the foundation for getting our hands dirty. And at the next event, we will be.
On Saturday July 11, join top developer Celestine Omin as he develops a platform during his session, explaining the necessary thought process and demonstrating best practices when building systems and when creating APIs.
The second session will be handled by Femi Taiwo and it will be focused on the awesome changes recently made to GCM by Google for handling push notifications to multiple platforms, devices and web browsers with one codebase and how we can put it to use in a demo application during the event.
This is a free event but there are limited spaces so registration is required to ensure those who have indicated interest before hand are admitted first. Do register to attend!

API Saturday For Developers With Celestine & Ezra

After a long hiatus, we are back on course to continue having exciting and enlightening events with codelabs, discussions and workshops and talking about exciting and useful technology, platforms and API.

We are starting this by holding an event this Saturday May 9 titled “API Saturday for Developers with Celestine & Ezra“.

This special focus is on how to build APIs – patterns, tips and best practices on how to build them to scale and build them securely. Join the discussion with two top developers who are doing awesome things on large scale projects –  Ezra Olubi (@0x), the CTO at Delivery Science and Celestine Omin (@cyberomin), Lead Developer at Konga. The two of them with experience dealing with millions of transactions daily in their line of work and are glad to share their experience. 

We will also be talking about some of the really cool publicly available APIs  that some of us may not know about.

This will be the first in the series of “API Saturdays”.
Attendance is free but seats are limited. Just click on “YES” on the event registration page to register.

Event is from 12pm – 2.30pm and holds at the Co-Creation Hub, Sabo, Yaba.

See you there!

For Founders, Developers & Designers: UX Masterclass By Google

Working on the next big idea and need to finalize the goals, features and interaction design of your product? 
Looking to understand how to work the basics of user experience design into your product development cycle?

Have a publicly launched product and are interested in learning how to include user experience design methods to evaluate and improve it?

Then you should sign up for the UX Masterclass powered by designers from the UX team at Google scheduled for May 1st and 2nd in Lagos.

Event is Now Live: Google’s Developer Day at GDC ’15

Google’s Developer Day at GDC ’15 is an incredible opportunity to connect, learn from each other and share visions and inspirations.
It’s a day full of learning and hacking at Google’s Developer Day! Spend the morning listening to a slew of announcements around what Google is bringing to the table to help you build better games, learn some tips from the experts on how to build your business on Google Play, and then be prepared for a flash flood of knowledge in our Lightning Talks.

For the full agenda and more information:

Announcement: CURL & More Now Supported on Google App Engine for PHP

Below is the announcement.

In response to developer feedback, we have introduced a significant upgrade of PHP in the latest release of App Engine with more features and improved performance.

The updates include:

  • Support for the PHP 5.5 runtime, alongside the current PHP 5.4 runtime.

  • The cURL extension is now available, meaning curl_*() functions can now be used from within your application (read more about how to enable cURL support in our documentation).

  • The tempnam() and sys_get_temp_dir() functions are now available.

  • Support for direct file uploads.

  • Support for concurrent requests, which allows the PHP interpreter to run an efficient multi-threaded mode when serving HTTP requests. This must be enabled in your app.yaml file.

  • Support for the ImageMagick extension (which allows powerful image manipulation) and MongoDB extension (which allows you to connect to an existing MongoDB installation).

While we expect most users will enjoy the benefits of this upgrade without any problems, in some cases it may cause unexpected behavior in running applications. We are providing an 8 week window (starting today) for developers to self-upgrade and test their applications with this new functionality before we upgrade all applications automatically, starting after 16th April, 2015.

To take advantage of these new features, find your ‘app.yaml’ file and change the line that reads

runtime: php


runtime: php55

The new functionality will automatically be enabled in the local development server, and in production once your application is deployed. You will be able to switch back to the old runtime at any time for the next two months by reverting the configuration in your app.yaml file. Some features such as cURL support may require additional configuration in order to be enabled.

After 16th April, 2015 we will begin automatically migrating all applications to the php55 runtime.

If you are experiencing difficulties in migrating your application, you can find help on the Google App Engine Stack Overflow Tag, or if you have a support package you may open a support ticket. If you’ve found an an issue with App Engine itself you may also file a bug on our public issue tracker.

We hope you enjoy these latest improvements to PHP on App Engine. Keep on coding!

– The PHP for App Engine Team

Participate in the Exciting Google Summer of Code

Have you ever heard of the Google Online Summer of Code? Google Summer of Code(GSoC) is a global program that offers students stipends to write code for open source projects. A great developer or passionate techie student in today’s world does not live in the Cave. The great ones we know enjoy collaboration, diverse cultural mix up, no language barrier, great communication and  love growing together at scale and that is what GSoC helps in achieving.

It will be super exciting to see African students participate in the ongoing GSoC 2015 though official application starts on March 16 – March 27, 2015.

  • The whole show unfolds in the virtual classroom 🙂

Based on feedback gotten from some African students, they see GSoC program as a highly competitive program and not meant for them when compared to other participants from other regions of the world and they also believe that the GSoC application is challenging and very difficult to get in.

Yes! Somewhat they are correct and that is why we have setup a unique community on G+ called GSoKites Virtual Classroom to bring all interested students willing to apply for GSoC 2015 to join and subscribe to this mailing list . Students who join will enjoy thorough preparation class ahead of the official application GSoC date.

Tips, great information and articles, advices and experiences will be shared by past GSoC students, LIVE hangout sessions by at least one organization who has participated  in GSoC telling students all they need to know when applying, what they are looking for from students and also simple projects will be shared so that interested students will learn beforehand how to engage in open source code collaboration, reviews, comments, feedback etc.

Do not miss this awesome opportunity as a student who is interested in real world open source development.

Action Items:

Announcing GDays 2014: December 12 & 13!

Registration is now open for the 2014 Edition of the GDays Nigeria, a large community-driven conference for developers and for businesses that takes place every year. Last year was a success with nearly 350 developers in the section for developers.

As usual, there are two different tracks this year
– December 12 for Business owners to share knowledge about Google web technologies for business success and
– December 13  with back-to-back sessions for Developers on the following

Android Boot-Camp (Android for Beginners)
Android Advanced Android Track (In-App Payments, Play/Games Services)
Cloud Google Cloud Platform Boot-Camp (Google App Engine & More for Beginners)
Cloud Google Cloud Platform (Advanced Track)
Elections 2015 Hacking the way to Democracy for 2015 (Ideas, Tools & APIs)
Maps Google Maps (Powering Apps with Google Maps)
UI/UX Track UI/UX Track ( Creating Awesome User Experiences )
Web Polymer (Web Components – The Future of Web Development)
Web Chrome Dev Tools (The Ultimate Web Development Tool)
Web AngularJS BootCamp (Getting Started with AngularJS)
Attendance is free but there are limited seats. Registration is required.
Visit now to register & more information.