Google Technology Open House 23rd April 2011

Its happening again folks!
We are finalizing arrangements for the next Google Technology Open House in Lagos.
It will be taking place in the same venue as the last one (University Of Lagos Akoka).
The theme for this open house will be centered around mobile applications and the Android platform.
So make sure you keep 23rd of April free….and we gurrantee you that you will not regret it!

Lagos GTUG holds open house at University of Lagos

The Lagos Google Technology Group held its first open house at the Centre for Information Technology in the University of Lagos.This event was basically a forum that allowed those of us who are interested in Google technology to have some face time with Googlers and hear from them first hand in a semi formal environment.There were a total of 5 Googlers on hand and a total of more than 30 attendees which was pretty impressive considering that it was a work day.The event was fun filled and interactive with everyone eager to join and contribute.

The event kicked off with a talk from Ben, a project manager with Google who walked us through the Google corporate philosophy (the famous “Ten things).
Next we had Ayite ( a Google Engineer) take us through the fundamentals of Google App Engine.

To round up the talks Bridgette (Google Program manager for West Africa) took us through a number of tools that we could use to maximize on our innovations, these included the likes of:

After this came the most interesting part of the evening…when the floor was thrown open for questions and they came flooding in.They included questions like:

  • Why are PHP and Ruby not supported on Google App Engine?
  • Does Google have an equivalent of YQL (for Yahoo)?
  • What is the Google software development lifecycle like?
  • Does Google App Engine have any tool that makes it easy to build RESTful web services?

and much much more,

The discussion became even more passionate when we discussed what the challenges that preventing developers in this part of the world from maximizing and monetizing their innovations.
The event closed with some light refreshments after about 2 hours of intense interaction.
Many many thanks to Bridgette, Lanre, Ben, Ayite, Fiona for making it a wonderful event.

Watch this space for more info on Google activities around here starting with one in Unilag within the next one month and of course the BIG ONE!!!G-Nigeria in May 2011!