Links to SDKs, APIs, IDEs & Videos, Prototyping Tools and Tutorials

The GTUG is a community with a primary focus on how to leverage on Google technology, platforms and APIs and beyond, as developers, graphics designers and tech enthusiasts.

Below is a collection of links which over the past few months have floated around the community and might prove helpful during development.

HTML5 Programming

Android Programming
 – Over 200 Videos
 – Class by Class Tutorials –

Blackberry Development

Mobile QT Development

Rapid Prototyping of Mobile Web Apps

JQuery Mobile

Smartest Friends
 – Stack Overflow

Youtube API

Google+ API

Google Drive API

Facebook API

Twitter API

Google Maps

Google Apps API
 – App Engine:

Google Web Toolkit

Building Chrome Extensions

Free Online Courses

Premium Online Courses

20 Things Every Mobile App/ Mobile Web Developer Should Know

Links to SDKS & IDEs (Android, Java, PHP, HTML5, Google App Engine)

 – Eclipse:
 – Netbeans:
 – Aptana Studio:
 – Wakanda:
 – Android SDK:
 – Facebook SDK:
 – Nokia SDK:
 – Blackberry SDK :
 – Titanium Appcelerator:

Other Important Links
 – 5000+ APIs  –

Structured Web Apps
 – NodeJs:
 – Dart.js:

Incubation Hubs: [ perfect for startups ]

If you have a link you feel should be included in this ‘bundle’ feel free to shoot a comment about them.

Special thanks goes to the following people for providing content:
Busayo Oyebisi
– Silas Olatayo

Google Technology Open House 23rd April 2011

Its happening again folks!
We are finalizing arrangements for the next Google Technology Open House in Lagos.
It will be taking place in the same venue as the last one (University Of Lagos Akoka).
The theme for this open house will be centered around mobile applications and the Android platform.
So make sure you keep 23rd of April free….and we gurrantee you that you will not regret it!