And the Winner is…

Sunday Feb 19 marked the end of the 48 hr hackathon which began on Friday February 17 where developers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts joined hands to form 6 teams working on different ideas towards a common goal – creating novel web & mobile solutions to improve learning amongst primary and secondary school students in Nigeria.

Following a presentation by each team and deliberation by judges (which consisted of top executives, professionals, publisher and educationists), Efiko was declared the winning idea, and entitled to the $3000 prize. The second and first runners up are also entitled to $1500 and $2000 respectively.

Here’s a description by a member of the winning team:

Efiko is a social mobile quiz game platform designed to aid social learning by providing a means for testing, learning and social interaction. It features a Central API powering a native Android mobile app, a mobile web app that works most mobile phones and tablets, and a BB & Android app compiled using PhoneGap.

There is a huge potential in this quiz game platform being adopted in schools, universities as a means of providing pre-exam test questions, corporate organizations engaging their client-base in competitions, and in it being a social quiz game. And the Efiko team has begun the process of consolidating on their achievements during TechInEd towards creating a market ready product.

Efiko was developed by a team of developers:

  • Sunday Akinsete
  • Okeowo Aderemi
  • Desiree Craig
  • Abiodun Thorpe
  • Adebayo Adebayo
  • Olusola Ajayi
  • Abdulrahman Salaudeen

Two other ideas were also specially recognized: ASA (previously known as Genii Game) and Teachers Hub.

You can read about these ideas here:

More hackathons are coming up in March and April!
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Hackathon Kicks Off

And we are off!

A room full of smart programmers + domain experts + strategists + business analysts + tech-enthusiasts = explosive & innovative solutions. And we have got six projects to churn out by Sunday – one by each team. So we’ve got web, mobile, mobile+web solutions.

If you couldn’t make it to the hub today, don’t miss the real work which starts tomorrow at 9am! You can still join any of the teams.
The ideas are viewable here :

Global Android Hackathon meets Tech-In Education Hackathon

Global Android Hackathon meets Tech-In Education Hackathon

From the 17th of February to the 19th of February, GTUGs all over the world will be participating in a hackathon to build applications on the Android platform. At the same time, the Tech-In Education Hackathon to be hosted by CCHUB will also be taking place. This Tech-in Education event will be about creating novel web & mobile solutions to improve learning amongst primary and secondary school students in Nigeria.

This creates an awesome opportunity to build Education-related applications which make sense right there, right now.

If you also have ideas for the event, do submit them here :

If you want to participate in the Hackathon, register your interest here:

See you there!

– Update:
The Top 6 Ideas:

The First GTUG-Lagos Hangout

We had such a good time on Saturday that it’s been decided this should happen more often.
The event took place at CcHub and kicked off a little late – at 11:25am with Googlers – Luizella Mazza, Richard Ngamita and our very own Emeka Afigbo all joining us via Hangout.
We also had a couple of other people like Chinedu and Abayomi Ayoola join us over the net as well. And we went through a session led by the Googlers which talked about the current features and limitations, new additions and future roadmap of the Google+ api.
Two photos from the event:

Next in line was the “Android App in 15 minutes”. Well it took a little longer than 15minutes (about 25) as we debated the actual implementation of certain parts of the application. The app is named – My501Quotes – it displays a new famous quote, wise saying, facts e.t.c. every time the app is launched or the user clicks on refresh. Furthermore, the user is also able to share any of those quotes with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS. The sourcecode code is attached to this post.The GTUG-Hackathon:
To help inspire active developer participation, it was unanimously decided on Saturday that we should have a hackathon before the end of the year. While many of us have participated in different events like WaterHackathon, Tech-in-Governance, Startup Weekend, Garage48 e.t.c., this will (as far as I know) be the first one being driven by a clearly defined and growing community of developers – the GTUG. More information of what the focus areas are, when the event will take place, modalities, e.t.c. will be available soon.
We then moved to talk about the current initiatives, competitions and drives by companies – namely MTN, Nokia and Samsung (arranged in alphabetical order). They each have different plans but one goal in mind – growing and tapping into local content app developers.
MTN is currently running a monthly competition the best apps in each month are rewarded with Samsung Galaxy devices ( 1st and 2nd positions) and they have plans to launch their own app store by January, with some of these apps in the forefront.
Samsung has also indicated interest in helping developers push their apps and are particularly interested in local content apps and apps directed towards corporate organisations.
Nokia is constantly also running competitions – the Nokia Create for Millions (and the Regional one for West Africa) which has been running for some time and a few members have already submitted their applications for it.
All in all, they believe that growing the local developer base is a sure way to tap into the the rapidly emerging market for mobile applications in Nigeria.
Lastly, we had Bosun Tijani, Co-founder of CcHub talk about CcHub as a pre-incubation space to help connect, incubate and accelerate tech ideas. They have also made the hub available for future GTUG events.
If you participated in the event via hangout or were physically present during the event, please fill the short questionnaire sent to your mail help improve future events.
Next GTUG Event:
Another GTUG event is being planned for the 26th of this month. More details shortly.Hope to see you at that next event!

Source code for My501Quote [Click on Download Original for Entire Source Code]

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