And the Winner is…

Sunday Feb 19 marked the end of the 48 hr hackathon which began on Friday February 17 where developers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts joined hands to form 6 teams working on different ideas towards a common goal – creating novel web & mobile solutions to improve learning amongst primary and secondary school students in Nigeria.

Following a presentation by each team and deliberation by judges (which consisted of top executives, professionals, publisher and educationists), Efiko was declared the winning idea, and entitled to the $3000 prize. The second and first runners up are also entitled to $1500 and $2000 respectively.

Here’s a description by a member of the winning team:

Efiko is a social mobile quiz game platform designed to aid social learning by providing a means for testing, learning and social interaction. It features a Central API powering a native Android mobile app, a mobile web app that works most mobile phones and tablets, and a BB & Android app compiled using PhoneGap.

There is a huge potential in this quiz game platform being adopted in schools, universities as a means of providing pre-exam test questions, corporate organizations engaging their client-base in competitions, and in it being a social quiz game. And the Efiko team has begun the process of consolidating on their achievements during TechInEd towards creating a market ready product.

Efiko was developed by a team of developers:

  • Sunday Akinsete
  • Okeowo Aderemi
  • Desiree Craig
  • Abiodun Thorpe
  • Adebayo Adebayo
  • Olusola Ajayi
  • Abdulrahman Salaudeen

Two other ideas were also specially recognized: ASA (previously known as Genii Game) and Teachers Hub.

You can read about these ideas here:

More hackathons are coming up in March and April!
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