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GDG Lagos – Google Assistant Challenge 2017


As promised during the google IO Extended 2017 by the GDG Lagos, we are presenting to you the Actions on Google challenge by the GDG Lagos where you stand a chance of winning a Google Home and also a chance at grabbing one of the prizes for the global Actions on Google challenge [ ]



This challenge is simple.
Register for the challenge in this short form [ ]. Registration is required for participation and remains open till 4th of July. (Late registration extends till the 10th of July)
Create an app for the Google Assistant using Actions on Google [ ] and [ ]
Submit your app on or before 27th of July.
Your app will be evaluated and scored based on creativity, relevance, quality, and usage by our judges.
Winners will be selected  and announced in August.


Submission process
  • Submitting your app involves creating the app with instructions on how to use the app, the command set and brief introduction of the app.
  • You will then be required to invite the judges by granting privileges to your console simulator for the app where the app will be tested and properly evaluated by the judges. The simulator has a ‘share’ button that you can use to invite others to your amazing app. The judges, will be invited by the participant to the app where they will be able to test the app – it’s interactivity and correctness.
  • Only apps that have gone through the submission process on or before the 27th of July will be reviewed.


We will accept one app entry per user.
If selected as a winner of the local challenge, you will be guided on submission for the global challenge where if your app wins, you stand a chance to win even more amazing prizes.