Android Fortnightly by GDG Lagos

Android Fortnightly by GDG Lagos

It’s 2016, the year of smart phones. The number of Android OS users in Africa keeps rising exponentially. Here is data, if you need convincing.



It’s also the year Android developers need to do more than build apps that just work. We need to start considering that our users have low-end devices with limited hardware resources and poor internet connectivity. A lot of them also have pre-L devices. Here’s more data to back that up.


Whether or not your users still enjoy using your apps is totally up to you then. They deserve the best experience possible irrespective of their kind of device. They deserve beautiful apps with interesting transitions that are not heavy and doesn’t consume a lot of their data. It’s entirely up to you, the Android developer, to deliver that to them.

Instead of just talking about it, the GDG Lagos team is working on greatly increasing the level of skill and knowledge of Android developers in our ecosystem and for the next two months we would like to run a weekend series on Android development (and soon after Web) using best practices, introducing new tools and much more. This series will hold every two weeks. We plan to measure the impact of the programme in the months following it and make the program better based on feedback from the participants.


At each of the series, we plan to have between 30 and 50 developers. We will also carefully and rigorously select the attendees based on their current skill level, interests and previous interactions to ensure we have the maximum possible impact as far as this sort of events go. Each event will be 3 hours long. Each event will have one speaker. Each event will go in-depth into any of the topics covered.


All our speakers are going to come from within the community as we hope to increase the visibility of good Android developers we have. Based on the projected impact on the community, after the two months is up we hope to have a Call for papers and open up the speaker slots to any interested developers in the region. We want speakers we might have missed out on and has built or is working on something awesome and wants to share the process with the community.


Our vision is to make more Android developers in the region care about the apps they build and make them proud enough to want to talk about it. We want to read more stories about how the strategies they took to optimize app performance for their users while following best practices and latest Android technologies.

We can only have our fingers crossed as we hope that the impact of this program will increase the quality of apps coming out of Lagos.

The first session holds on July 23. Register here