#GCPNext Today: Getting Started with Machine Learning

If you have not already signed up for this event, you should because it just got more exciting!
We will be having a session by Farouq Oyebiyi,  engineer at Konga, focussed on Machine Learning and using it to predict customer behaviour, make forecasts and recommendations. He has years of experience to back this up and has built predictive models to help Insurance companies predict users who will buy a quoted policy, forecast sales and also predict stock returns. He joins us truly with a wealth of experience today.

Farouq will be taking us through the fundamentals during his session titled “Machine Learning: The Basics”.

Event kicks off at 5.30pm but the doors are open by 5pm.

Come in early. Pick up a thing or two, courtesy Google as you step in.

We are almost out of seats and the registration form will be closed as soon as that happens.

Visit http://goo.gl/forms/9u6IiHQ8DG now to register for this event
Date: Thursday May 12
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: CCHub (6th Floor), Sabo Yaba.