Ask Me Anything with Emeka Afigbo – Program Manager of Developer Relations at Google

Join Emeka Afigbo –  Google Programme Manager for Developer Relations (in other words – the inside man  in Google for Developers in Nigeria and most of Africa) for the Ask Me Anything Session taking place on today at 5pm. 

Hello Radar community. This is Emeka Afigbo. I'm currently the Program Manager of Developer Relations at Google. For the past four years I have worked to help grow the Sub Saharan African tech ecosystem and it's been an interesting journey. I'm excited to be here. Ask me anything! . Needless to say, my answers will represent my views and not necessarily those of Google…or anyone else [:smile:]

Really, ask him anything. Got questions about becoming a Google Developer Expert or even a Googler or about some of the insightful articles on his blog or need some technical advice on stuff or want to know more about the plans over the next few months or just ANYTHING in particular? You can ask him right there and start dropping the questions now.