“GIT with the Programme”: This Saturday

This Saturday at the Co-Creation Hub, the Lagos GitHub Meetup  & Google Developer Group, Lagos will be hosting hands-on sessions on GIT for Beginners and Advanced Users.

This will be a hands-on event. You need to bring a laptop along to participate. 
There will be two separate tracks. The two tracks will be running simultaneously in two different rooms so there is something for every developer – whether you have been using GIT for version control  for years or if you have just started or if you have not yet started.
Beginners Track
– Introduction to version control, why it is necessary.
– Types of version control systems (centralized vs distributed)
– Installing git.
     – smartgit.
– Initializing repositories (git init)
– Basic commands:
     'git clone'
     'git add'
     'git status'
     'git log'
     'git commit'
– Branching (git branch) and why it is necessary.
Intermediate / Advanced users: 
– Traversing the repository using 'git log' options
– Understanding git objects – commits, trees and blobs.
– Basic usage of 'git cherry-pick'
– Git rebase (introducing interactive rebases)
– Git stash
– Git on the server (BitBucket, GitHub and private servers)
Date: Saturday August 1.
Time: 11am – 2pm
Venue: Co-Creation Hub, Sabo, Yaba.
Please remember that this will be a hands-on event. You need to bring a laptop along to participate.