For Founders, Developers & Designers: UX Masterclass By Google

Working on the next big idea and need to finalize the goals, features and interaction design of your product? 
Looking to understand how to work the basics of user experience design into your product development cycle?

Have a publicly launched product and are interested in learning how to include user experience design methods to evaluate and improve it?

Then you should sign up for the UX Masterclass powered by designers from the UX team at Google scheduled for May 1st and 2nd in Lagos.

Event is Now Live: Google’s Developer Day at GDC ’15

Google’s Developer Day at GDC ’15 is an incredible opportunity to connect, learn from each other and share visions and inspirations.
It’s a day full of learning and hacking at Google’s Developer Day! Spend the morning listening to a slew of announcements around what Google is bringing to the table to help you build better games, learn some tips from the experts on how to build your business on Google Play, and then be prepared for a flash flood of knowledge in our Lightning Talks.

For the full agenda and more information: