Are you a Developer or Designer? Or do you have an opening in your firm for either? This post is for you.

Created by a small and creative team of developers in Nigeria, DevCenter is a platform where developers and designers alike can find each other and share interesting projects they are working, have worked or implemented on. DevCenter exposes you to people with the same and even broader skill sets as you. By sharing your projects you get to receive feedback while you build and squash major bugs quickly and easily. You can also interest other members who wish to join you in the development of whatever you're building. Have a job that isn't quite for you? Or interested in hiring? DevCenter allows you create job listings so other members who fit such profiles or looking for opportunities can apply, you can also search within the community and see member profiles to know their 'super powers'. This is just the beginning as DevCenter intends to roll out more features as the community grows and expands.

Why are we doing this now?
Many Nigerian developers/designers are still in their individual silos, we're disconnected from each other and the best of us can't share the great knowledge they possess. With this community we strive to change that and foster visibility among all Nigerian developers and designers. So Sign up today and share with us!