CSS Design Challenge Update

Thank you to everyone who signed up for the CSS Design Challenge. We have seen some really awesome entries. Big thanks to all contestants who have sent theirs in.
We are extending the deadline by two weeks -the new closing date is November 14.
We got a LOT of feedback today so we are doing this for four reasons –
1. Upload Problem – Server Timeouts
We also got a number of complaints – some people have had problems uploading their designs.
We found out that this problem usually happens when due to slow internet and/or big file size the design takes longer than one minute to upload. We are creating a workaround right now.
2. Upload Problem – incorrect folder structure
The correct folder structure is
The upload bit searches for the presence of a styles.css in the assets folder. The assets folder should be in the root of the zip file. Directly.
3. CSS Attribute problem
We got a complaint  that it would be a lot easier if we assigned an attribute to the body tag for the different pages – one for the homepage body tag and another for the single-post page. We are adding this and updating the boilerplate design. If you have already submitted your design, this would not affect you in anyway.
4. More Entries?
We've got some good to awesome entries but we can always do with more 🙂
So, in summary, we are extending the contest by two weeks – and the contest will close for submissions November 14 at 11:59PM.
To participate, simply go to CSS Design Challenge. And click on Enter Contest.
If you have questions, just send a mail to team@gdglagos.com

The 1st Annual Naija Koding Championship

ccHub, Delivery Science, INITS and Andela

The 1st Annual Naija Koding Championship

Are you an awesome koder?  Do you cry tears of blood because you work so hard?
Can you work with a team? Do you have the ginja?

Do you have the koding juju?

Nigeria has awesome programmers. We know it. You know it. Now it’s time to show the world.

The winner will advance to the first-ever Pan-African Championship to be held in 2015.

Assemble a team and kode using any platform

or language you prefer.

The best team project wins. Go big or go small,

but go cool most of all.

Naija koding legends

will be judges and mentors.

We are flying in a few other legends from around the world,

so we’ll have a couple oyinbo, but they’ll be cool.

Do you have the mettle to carry the honor of Naija

to the championship? Do you believe

we can win?

Then apply now.

A limited number of teams will be chosen.

Prizes to include:

4 New Retina Macbook Pros

4 HTC Ones

A Skype meeting with Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes

Team sizes must be four programmers. Don’t have enough?
No worries, hook up with other applicants at koded.io and apply together.

Google for Entrepreneurs Invites You to Slicing Pie: How to Split Your Startup Equity Fairly Amongst Cofounders

You and a cofounder go in “50/50” on a new startup. You do all the work, he owns half the company. Now what? How could you have avoided this, and more importantly, how do you avoid this on your next startup?

On Thursday next week, Mike Moyer – Managing Director of Lake Shark Ventures LLC, and author of Slicing Pie, all the way from Chicago will show you how to split startup equity fairly amongst cofounders. We invite you to attend this Google for Entrepreneurs Week event. The event will be held on Thursday October 23, 2014 at the IdeaHub. It will be a half day event, starting 8am and closing with lunch at 1pm. Every attendee will also go away with a copy of Mike Moyer’s book, Slicing Pie!

We have only 100 slots available. Sign up now at http://goo.gl/mjYH3E and tell your friends about it too. See you on Thursday.

Agenda (Starting at 8am)
1 hour: Arrivals, Networking, Teas
30 minutes: Welcome Note, Google Rep
1 hour: Intro to Slicing Pie
15 minutes: Q&A
15 minutes: Group Formation
15 minutes: Lab Guide Review
1 hour: Slicing Pie – Hands on Lab
30 mins: Equity Presentations from teams
30 minutes: Closing, Book Signing, Feedback form Collection
1 hour: Lunch
We have only 100 slots available. Sign up now at http://goo.gl/mjYH3E and tell your friends about it too.

Apply Now To The Lagos Garage, Powered by GE!

GE created the Garages program in 2012 to reinvigorate America’s interest in invention, innovation, and manufacturing. In 2014, Garages went global with three weeks of workshops amidst a fully equipped fab lab in Lagos, Nigeria, at GE’s regional headquarters.

On October 27th, 2014, GE will expand on past successes by evolving the program into six weeks dedicated to accelerating the impact of Nigeria’s most promising entrepreneurs. Working with a variety of world-class instructors, investors, technical experts and partners, participants will build a culture of collaboration and innovation and bring their wildest ideas to life.

The program’s select participants will directly interact with the latest manufacturing technologies – including 3D printers and laser cutters – that enable innovation through rapid prototyping, which will transform Nigerian industries. The Garage also provides access to advanced hardware and Nigeria’s greatest mentorship network, supporting entrepreneurialism with an aim to drive growth across all sectors of industry. 

APPLY NOW at http://tinyurl.com/gegarage

The deadline is Sunday, October 19th, and participants will be notified of their program acceptance by Thursday, October 23rd

Oct. 27th to Dec. 5th, 2014  

GE Nigeria Headquarters 
Mansard Place – Ground Floor, Plot 927/928, Bishop Aboyade Cole Street, Victoria Island


Oluwadara Treseder 
Program Manager