Get with GIT: Tomorrow at 12 Noon

One Day to Go!
The Get With GIT Event Starts tomorrow at 12 noon.
Please come with your laptop to participate in the hands-on sessions and collaboration.
You can install the following tools ahead of the event to ease up the setup process
– Google Cloud SDK (Optional, For deploying to Google App Engine)
– XAMPP (Optional, for PHP)
Venue: CCHub, 294 Herbert Macaulay Road, (6th Floor)
Time: 12pm
We looking forward to seeing you there.
From the Event Organizing Team 
(WaleFemi & Nanyak)

#AndroidDev CodeLab: RESTFul APIs in Minutes

Create RESTful APIs for Android applications on Google Infrastructure by following this comprehensive codelabThis codelab is an introduction to Google Cloud Endpoints, the technology that enables the publication of RESTful APIs which can easily be consumed by Android applications. It starts from an existing mobile Android application and connects it to a brand new backend powered by Cloud Endpoints


Checkout the Codelab here –

Get with GIT: A Deep Dive

Join us next week Saturday – 24th May for a Deep Dive into GIT. And an opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the development of events aggregation platform  – something we need so much in the tech community. Something simple but works.
Git is a powerful and sophisticated system for distributed version control  – basically a really great way of managing your source code and collaborating with others.
Gaining an understanding of its features opens to developers a new and liberating approach to source code management.
Join us as we take a guided tour that walks through the fundamentals of Git.

  • Installing and configuring git
  • Using git
  • Getting relevant information from git.
  • Collaborating in projects with Git
We plan to get everyone involved with hands on sessions on the most common use cases of git and source code versioning.
If that's not enough, we'll also cover some pseudo advanced topics that help tremendously: stashing changes, rebasing, cherry-picking and the like.
And we'll finally put some of that into use in building our project together and deploy on Google App Engine.
To sign up, click on Yes on this page :
and Join us by 12 noon on Saturday the 24th May, 2014 at the CCHub
294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba.
See you there.

Introducing the #gdglagos on IRC

Let's try to take the community conversations a step higher with real time chat.
I'd like to introduce the brand new #gdglagos chat room on Freenode.
So you're coding up a storm and working on the Next Big Thing™ and you get stuck, what do you do? Well lucky for you, you have the GDG Lagos Mailing List and you could just ask there. Right. But it might take a bit of time before anyone responds. Wouldn't it be great if you could hop on to IRC and just ask and have someone respond almost instantly?
You can also contribute back to the community and offer help to other community members by joining the IRC and listening to conversations every now and then.
Oh wait, there's also the idle talk session. You want to engage in some idle talk about Patience Jonathan's "There is God oh" speech and want to engage other devs in the conversation, well instead of starting at 100-mail thread about it, you could hop on IRC and do that.
Basically, #gdglagos is GDG Lagos – realtime. It's not a replacement but an enhancement and to enrich the conversations we are already having on the mailing list. So how do you get involved?
If you're hard core, you simply get an IRC client and connect to and join the #gdglagos channel or you can save yourself the stress and just go to or (whatever suits your fancy) and let's get this party started!
Thanks to Tim Akinbo for starting this brilliant idea and writing this intro.
Join the IRC channel!