New Udacity Mobile Web Development Training Course launches on January 6th

A new course on Mobile Web Development is launching in about two weeks on Udacity.

This is not a beginners' class. Rather, it is targeted at experienced front-end web developers that would like to learn what it takes to create great mobile experiences. The course teaches how to build great mobile web apps (12 lessons with interactive quizzes and so on). People can preregister here:

On Tuesday, January 7th at 9:30 a.m. PST we are hosting an introductory Google Developers Live session with special guest Sebastian Thrun (Udacity's CEO). In this session we will tell you all about the content of the course and and we will answer your questions live. Make sure you add this live event to your calendar and tune in on January 7th:

(you can ask and vote for questions there, too)
Finally, there will be a series of Live Streamed and recorded office hours after the course launch. 

Getting Started on the Cloud Event

Ever wonder why Developers, Startups and IT Corporations are transitioning from shared hosting environments to Cloud Platforms/Hosting Services?
On Saturday, 14th December at 12 noon at CCHub, GDGLagos be hosting sessions and looking at the motivation for these transitions; Why and How to Deploy your applications on Cloud Services and how the Technology affects you.

Join us as Tim Akinbo, Don Onwunumah, Nanyak Loknan and more people who have had extensive experience building and working on large, high performance applications take us through the following sessions –
Introduction to the Cloud technology stack – SAAS, PAAS, IAAS.
–    The challenges with shared hosting solutions.
–    Focus on IAAS and Key Players and New Entrants in the Market
    –    Amazon AWS (EC2, RDS, Route53)
    –    Digital Ocean
    –    Google Compute Engine
    –    Rackspace
– Security on the Cloud and Value propositions for the Nigerian Developer/Techpreneur
– Deployment – from localhost to Cloud (Vagrant, grunt.js, Composer, npm, Ruby Gems) 
– Setting Up Your Cloud Environment (Hands-on session)
    –    Installing and configuring Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP 
    –    [ Installing Python and Django ] 
    –    [ Installing Rails ]
    –    Hardening Your Server against Hackers
    –    Crash Recovery Procedures
    –    Stress Testing Servers
–    Challenges & Ideas [ Panel ]
To register for this event, simply click on ‘Yes’ on the Event Page

#GCDC Updates: Semi-Finalists

The results are in. The following submissions from Nigeria made it to the Semi-Finals

Enterprise/Small Business Solutions/Education/Not For Profit
– MapPlusYou 
– JAMBites Online Prep School (Students)
– Easy Jamb (All Female Team!)
– ClassRepPlus(Students)
Social/Personal Productivity/Games/Fun
– Voice Out (Students)
– Sono Messenger
– FunnyLeni
– Imageing(Students)
– Green Football
– Ask Africa (Students)
I’ll update this thread as soon as I have more info links and description on each one.
The announcements were made a few minutes ago via Hangouts on Air –
About Challenge:

Update: The List of Semi-Finalists and Links