Google Code Jam 2013

The Google Code Jam Qualification Round will start on Friday, April 12, 2013.

Google Code Jam brings together professional and student programmers from all over the world to solve tough algorithmic puzzles.

Besides the fact that the Code Jam problems are fun to solve, it is also a great way to brush up on your programming skills for future job interviews. 

The competition consists of four online rounds, culminating in the world finals to be held at Google’s office in London, United Kingdom this August. The winner of Code Jam 2013 will walk away with a $15,000 prize, the coveted title of Code Jam Champion, and automatic qualification in the Code Jam 2014 finals to defend his or her title.
There’s a quick start guide and also to help with preparing for the competition, there is a practice section which consists of past contest  puzzles and the solutions []
Today [April 1st] at 6pm, there will be a Google Developers Live show just for the competition and joining us today are Bartholomew Furrow and Igor Naverniouk from the Code Jam engineering team. 
Please use the Google Moderator series to post questions in advance about Code Jam.