Getting Started with Git

Installing Git
Collaboration with Git is much easier than with CVS & SVN. As we said yesterday, Git can be installed on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Here are a few tutorials to help you get started installing Git on Windows and Linux.

Setting up Git On Windows

Introducing SmartGit
SmartGit is a feature-rich Git client. It’s simple and easy to use and works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. If you don’t like working with the command line you will love SmartGit. It’s conflict resolver is also very good. It supports popular git hosting sites like GitHub, Beanstalk, Codebase
You can download SmartGit and install it here.

Screenshot-InsureMe - SmartGit 2.1.png

Git Hosting with GitHub
GitHub is a popular Git Hosting service. It provides public and private hosting services. You can host unlimited public projects for free with GitHub. It also provides very interesting tools for browsing through the the changes made to the repository. On September 21, 2011 GitHub announced it had reached over 1 million users. 


What’s Next?

Tomorrow we’ll be talking about the basics of Git and demonstrating how to use manage your code hosted on GitHub using SmartGit. 

An Introduction to Git

What is Git?

Git is an extremely fast, efficient, distributed version control system ideal for the collaborative development of software. Every Git clone is a full-fledged repository with complete history and full revision tracking capabilities, not dependent on network access or a central server. In other words, you can use git when you are offline, and synchronize changes when you are online. There are loads of cool GUI tools too so don’t be afraid, it’s not gonna be a CLI fiesta. 


Why are we talking about Git?

Git is great for effective collaborative development of software.  It is therefore important that towards the GTUG Hackathon participants learn how to use Git so that development would be fast and fun. Git can also makes deployment super easy. 

Is it hard?

NOPE! Git is FUN! Git makes collaborative development EASY!!! Beware, Git is ADDICTIVE!!!

Who should be interested?

Primarily software developers and UI designers. However Git can be used for all types of files and not just source code. If you are working on any project where changes are made to text or binary files and you want to add version control the you should be interested. 

Platform Compatibility

windows_big.png      osx_big.png     tux_big.png

Ready to get going?
Try getting your hands dirty TODAY by 
  • Installing Git on your development platform. You can get started here:
  • Install SmartGit
  • Create a local repository, make changes and commit. 


Please ask. 

DrupalCamp 2011

CcHub and the Lagos GTUG will play host to DrupalCamp this year on Saturday – 26th of November ( 3pm to 7pm )

Drupal is a free and open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

DrupalCamp Lagos is a Drupal community event, bringing developers, themers, administrators and business people together for a day of professional development and fostering the Drupal community. The goal of DrupalCamp Lagos is to bring together the fun, smart, and open Drupal minds in the community.

Register on the Event site: Remember to tick “DrupalCamp Lagos 2011” in the “Event Signup” section.

There’s also a Facebook event page:

There will be a session by Aniedi Udo-Obong on Drupal/Google modules for AdSense, AdWords, Analytics, Maps etc. with a real-life scenario on how  he helped put this all together for the Daily Times of Nigeria.
Daily Times Nigeria will be represented & are looking to hire a few savvy young guns.

Also in preparation for the upcoming Lagos GTUG hackathon (more details on this big event soon!) , there will also be a session on GIT – a Source Code Management tool used by software developers around the world for supporting collaborative software development, tracking and managing code changes and versioning of any project you build. You really should not miss this.

CcHub – 294, Herbert Macaulay Road, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.


Looking forward to see you there!

Google Hangout with Android Developer Challenge Finalists

Nigerian ICT Advocate, Gbenga Sesan will be holding a live Google Plus hangout session with finalists of this year’s Android Developer Challenge. This year’s
challenge winners include Nigeria’s Afrinolly App, Kenya’s Olaleshe and Kenya’s Shoppers’ Delight App. The Google Plus Hangout will be held on Thursday,
November 17th at 12 Noon
(Lagos Time)

The live session will provide an opportunity for African web developers, entrepreneurs and Internet marketers to hear from the winners about their experience
building their winning applications, what their experience has been like since winning the contest and their plans for the future.

The session will be held in collaboration with Nigeria’s Co-Creation Hub, Kenya’s iHub and the Umbono Tech Incubator in Cape Town.

Interested web developers, entrepreneurs and start-up owners wishing to contribute to the session should please post their questions via the session’s Google Moderator page here before Thursday.

A link to the Hangout will be provided just before the event begins. Please follow the GTUG on our Google+ page or on Twitter to remain posted on this and other events.
If you can, you can join us at CcHUB – 294 Herbert Macaulay Road, Sabo-Yaba, Lagos.

Remember it’s at 12 Noon, Thursday, November 17th  (Lagos Time)

Please spread the word.

Google Partners with Startup Weekend

Yesterday, Google announced a partnership with Startup Weekend – a global organization committed to promoting real entrepreneurship in local communities.

Organizers of local Startup Weekend and Google Technology User Groups (GTUGs) will be working together to run pre-Startup Weekend “Google Bootcamps.” These bootcamps are designed to help attendees develop their technical skills so they can jump head-first into their Startup Weekend project.

If you missed the last Startup Weekend event (September), you can read more about that event here:

The First GTUG-Lagos Hangout

We had such a good time on Saturday that it’s been decided this should happen more often.
The event took place at CcHub and kicked off a little late – at 11:25am with Googlers – Luizella Mazza, Richard Ngamita and our very own Emeka Afigbo all joining us via Hangout.
We also had a couple of other people like Chinedu and Abayomi Ayoola join us over the net as well. And we went through a session led by the Googlers which talked about the current features and limitations, new additions and future roadmap of the Google+ api.
Two photos from the event:

Next in line was the “Android App in 15 minutes”. Well it took a little longer than 15minutes (about 25) as we debated the actual implementation of certain parts of the application. The app is named – My501Quotes – it displays a new famous quote, wise saying, facts e.t.c. every time the app is launched or the user clicks on refresh. Furthermore, the user is also able to share any of those quotes with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS. The sourcecode code is attached to this post.The GTUG-Hackathon:
To help inspire active developer participation, it was unanimously decided on Saturday that we should have a hackathon before the end of the year. While many of us have participated in different events like WaterHackathon, Tech-in-Governance, Startup Weekend, Garage48 e.t.c., this will (as far as I know) be the first one being driven by a clearly defined and growing community of developers – the GTUG. More information of what the focus areas are, when the event will take place, modalities, e.t.c. will be available soon.
We then moved to talk about the current initiatives, competitions and drives by companies – namely MTN, Nokia and Samsung (arranged in alphabetical order). They each have different plans but one goal in mind – growing and tapping into local content app developers.
MTN is currently running a monthly competition the best apps in each month are rewarded with Samsung Galaxy devices ( 1st and 2nd positions) and they have plans to launch their own app store by January, with some of these apps in the forefront.
Samsung has also indicated interest in helping developers push their apps and are particularly interested in local content apps and apps directed towards corporate organisations.
Nokia is constantly also running competitions – the Nokia Create for Millions (and the Regional one for West Africa) which has been running for some time and a few members have already submitted their applications for it.
All in all, they believe that growing the local developer base is a sure way to tap into the the rapidly emerging market for mobile applications in Nigeria.
Lastly, we had Bosun Tijani, Co-founder of CcHub talk about CcHub as a pre-incubation space to help connect, incubate and accelerate tech ideas. They have also made the hub available for future GTUG events.
If you participated in the event via hangout or were physically present during the event, please fill the short questionnaire sent to your mail help improve future events.
Next GTUG Event:
Another GTUG event is being planned for the 26th of this month. More details shortly.Hope to see you at that next event!

Source code for My501Quote [Click on Download Original for Entire Source Code]

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