Anrdroid Challange Open House, Unilag

The Lagos Google Technology User group (Lagos GTUG) held its Andorid focused open house on Saturday the 23rd of April 2011 at the Centre of information Technology Systems in the University of Lagos. It was a well attended event with 57 attendees. The attendees included people from Ibadan and our neighboring GTUGs (Akure and Abeokuta).

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The event kicked off at about a quarter past three in the afternoon with a welcome address from Emeka Afigbo, the manager of the Lagos GTUG. who explained what the event was all about and ran through a the agenda for the day. He then handed the mic to our first guest speaker Chinedu Efoagui, a developer with System Specs who took us through a lecture on Google Maps to whet the appetite of the audience in prepration of things to come.

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The lecture covered the basic aspects of Google Maps such as :

  • Proximity Detection.
  • Geocoding.
  • Directions Services
  • Calculation of Distance
  • Markers (Clustering),InfoWindows,polylines.
  • Location Detection.

One good thing about the presentation was that he gave us insights as to how to apply Google Maps which brought to light that fact that many applications of Google Maps did not need to have a map displayed.
He also showcased a site that he had created: The Very Place that applied a number of features of Google Maps.

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Next up was the Android Trivia Quiz, where the audience had to split themselves into groups of 8 and answer 21 questions on relating to the Google Android Platform. As Emeka reeled out the questions, team members scrambled to provide the answers. After all the team members had submitted their answers, we moved on to the high point of the occassion which was a talk introducing the Google Android platform delivered by Bolaji and Bobola of the Fans Connect Online Team. Their talk covered the introductory aspects of the Android platform and also how to use the Android SDK to develop a “Hello World” application on Eclipse. They also gave us some useful tips and tricks to use when developing Android applications such as the android garbage collection model. They then took us through an Android application which they had developed called Naija Places.
After the talk it was finally time to announce the winners of the Android quiz and the honors went to the Minders team.

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For their troubles the eight team members each left the event with special branded Android T-Shirts.
The last talk was by Emeka who took the audience through an overview of the Android Challenge which included things like:
What the challenge was meant to achieve
The prize money (obviously!)
The important dates
. The audience was encouraged to form teams so as to stand a better chance of winning.
Attendees went home with some branded Google goodies such as Android stickers, bags and key holders to cap off a fun filled evening
We would like to thank the following for making the event possible:

  • Google for all the swag and support
  • Staff of the CITS in the University of Lagos for being there even on Easter Saturday
  • Chinedu Efoagui for his talk and helping with some of the pictures and videos
  • Bobola Oniwura , Bolaji Olawoye and the rest of the Fans Connect Team for their talk and support
  • Parkway Projects Ltd for sparing some of their staff to make this event happen
  • and White Chapel and Partners for handling a lot of the logistics

You can see the slides from the Open House here

Pictures of the event are available in the picasa album below:


You can also see some videos of the event below:

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