Welcome to the Lagos GTUG

Greetings Everyone and welcome to 2010.
This year was heralded by the official approval of the Lagos Google Technology User Group (Lagos GTUG).
This group was created with the primary focus of sharing knowledge and thoughts about Google technologies among technology enthusiats in the Lagos region in particular and Nigeria in general.It is our hope that the group will attract innovators who exude the kind of spirit that we have come to associate with Google.
Together we hope to share knowledge about Google technologies such as Google App engine, Google Sites, Google Gadgets, Android, Google Wave and a host of other interesting Google and open source technologies.
This knowledge sharing will be done through the use of this blog, our mailing list , our website and of course a variety of Google events that will be holding in the general Lagos area.
So once again this is an invitation to open innovators from far and wide …..Welcome to the Lagos GTUG and we wish you all a fruitful year!!!